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Susan Buck-Morss

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Susan Buck-Morss : Free Thoughts


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Position Papers

At a time of political emergency, it is irresponsible for intellectuals not to be engaged in the public debate. It is our job to think critically, and our privilege to have the resources to inform the public discussion. These texts are some recent contributions.

Theorizing Today (2006)
Iraq's Elections (2004)
doc What are Iranian Demonstrators Saying? (2003)
doc Global Left? (2002)

Vital Links: sources for independent research a global center for independent news for independent US journalism: "The War and Peace Report," with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez for "Free Thinking for the World"

Informed Comment:


Lectures Online:

Bolshevik Avant-Garde

These lectures explore the intersection between vanguard politics and avant-garde art during and after the Russian Revolution.

doc Lecture 1: Revolutionary Art: The Bolshevik Experience
doc Lecture 2: Avant-garde Art and Bolshevik Time
doc Lecture 3: The Masses
doc Lecture 4: Vanguard/Avant-garde


Visual Studies and Global Imagination

A talk presented at the Tate Modern in London on June 3, 2004 as part of the Surrealism Centre's "Papers of Surrealism," the talk explores the possibilities of a critical Visual Studies in a globalized visual media.

doc Visual Studies and Global Imagination


King Kong and the Palace of the Soviets

1933 gave mass audiences in the United States and Soviet Union their respective images of a behemouth atop architectural wonder. In the US, primal King Kong scaled the newly-completed Empire State Building. In the USSR, Lenin was to soar above the planned Palace of the Soviets. Both were symbols of the masses created for the masses.

King Kong and the Palace of the Soviets



Legitimating Empire: From The Byzantine Emperor to George W. Bush

Cinema in High Stalinism: Circus (1936)

Beirut before and after the Israeli bombing