It was convicted by the jury on which Albreda de Lymis and Goscelin, former Dean of Sparham, put themselves that, when
Albreda was accused before him of having sold her daughter Alice as a concubine to John of La Wade for one acre of land,
and she offered to purge herself of that accusation according to legal forms, he refused her purgation and extorted from her 5
shillings for the offence, that the same Goscelin took the 5 shillings from Albreda by her own free will because the said crime
was truly alleged of her and she was not willing to purge herself of it. So HELD that Goscelin go without day and the aforesaid
Albreda takes nothing by her complaint but is in mercy for a false claim. 40 pence from Albreda.

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