First Crusade


Spring 1096

First Wave leaves Europe, generally defeated en route and in Asia Minor

Mid-August 1096

Second Wave leaves Europe

June 1097

Nicaea falls

June-October 1097

March through Asia Minor

July 1097

Battle at Dorylaeum

March 1098

Baldwin of Boulogne becomes ruler of Edessa

October 1097-June 1098

Siege of Antioch

June 1098

Antioch taken, crusaders besieged, Holy Lance found (14 June), sortie and victory (28 June)

January-June 1099

March to Jerusalem

June- mid-July 1099

Jerusalem besieged

15 July 1099

Jerusalem falls

22 July 1099

Godfrey of Bouillon elected ruler of Jerusalem

August 1099

Egyptian army defeated near Ascalon


Third Wave leaves Europe, generally limited to and defeated in Asia Minor