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On this page you will find descriptions of on-going research projects.  If you would like additional information about any of these items, please feel free to contact me.

Project #1: I have a cluster of papers aimed at understanding WMD proliferation and the non-proliferation regime, initially by bringing quantitative methods to bear on this almost exclusively qualitative research agenda, and eventually by integrating quantitative and qualitative methods in a more comprehensive study. The first aspect of this project investigates the drivers of WMD proliferation, whereas the second examines the functioning of the non-proliferation regime (NPT, CTBT).

Project #2: I have another cluster of papers on the political economy of OECD democracies. These focus on the triad of organized labor, partisanship of government, and central bank independence. This avenue of research has yielded these papers:

Project #3: A third project grows out of political business cycle arguments, focusing on the effects of electoral cycles -- and the desire to stay in power more generally -- on policy making in a number of issue areas in international political economy. This research agenda focusing on the effects of political insecurity on policymaking has resulted in six papers, and the work on exchange rates, trade negotiations, and financial market liberalization forms the core of a book project.

Project #4: A fourth project assessing the relationship between the economic interdependence and conflict. Although primarily focusing on military conflict, a closely related project also looks at economic disputes. Both projects bring new data to bear on their questions.